The Management Committee

The Management Committee acts for and in the name of the Association. The Committee retains ultimate control over all aspects of the Association's work and ensures that our financial and legal responsibilities are fulfilled. In a nutshell, the Management Committee run North View.

Apart from co-opted Members, all are Shareholders, all live locally, and all are volunteers! Committee Members do not get paid for their work, instead, they get small allowances payments to cover certain out of pocket expenses.

The Management Committee meets regularly – usually once a month – to set policy, plan activities, assess progress etc. The Management Committee delegates some aspects of its work to Sub-Committees, and employs a full-time professional staff to run the Association on a day to day basis.

Our Committee consists of the following members:

Josephine Deacon

Diana Hamilton

Iris Robertson

Wilma McCubbin

Kenneth Robertson

Audrey Laird

William Hamilton

Mary McEwan

Christine Devine

James Dougherty

Alex Bruce



Being a Member allows you to vote at our Annual General Meeting and any Special General Meetings that we may have. It also entitles you to stand for election to the Management Committee.

We are keen to encourage residents to become members of the Association and members of the Management Committee. Being a Committee Member takes up two or three evenings a month, but it gives you more opportunity to have your say on how we operate and what we do. There is quite a lot involved in being a Committee Member, but you will get help. The most important thing is that you bring your ideas about what we should be doing for our residents! Ideally we'd like to get someone from every part of Windlaw on the Committee. We are a bit short in some areas, but you’d be welcome no matter where you live! We would also like more male members.

You can get a Membership Application Form from our Office. Alternatively, you can download one from our Download Zone.  Click here to go straight to the form.