Housing Lists

Applicants who are not current North View tenants go on the External Housing List, and North View tenants go on the Internal Housing List, or the Aspirational Housing List.

The Internal Housing List

If you have a good reason and need to move to another property of a different size or type, say on medical grounds, or overcrowding, or you have bedrooms you don’t need, you should join the Internal Housing List for the size of property that you require.

The Internal Housing List operates on a points system. The Association measures your housing need and gives you points for different categories of need. The more need you have, the more points you get, and the higher up the List you go. The person at the top of the List is offered the next suitably sized house that becomes available to someone from the Internal Housing List.

You can download a copy of our Internal Application Form by clicking here.  Alternatively you can pick one up from our Office.

The External Housing List

We also use these principles to manage the External Housing List. The External Housing List is for people who are not North View tenants.

You can download a copy of our External Application Form by clicking here, and download a copy of our information booklet by clicking here.  You can also pick these up from our Office.

The Aspirational Housing List

The Aspirational Housing List is for North View tenants who want to move to a similar sized house in the area. It could be that you live in a flat, and would like to move to a house, or it could be that you want to move from Birgidale Road to Castlemilk Drive, whatever, it doesn’t matter! The important thing is that the size of the property that you want to move to is the same size as the property that you are in at the moment, in that they both have the same number of apartments!

As there is no housing ‘need’ element (in that your current home meets your housing needs), we do not award ‘housing points’ for aspirational applications. Instead, we add the person to the List, and when a suitable property becomes available for offer to someone from the Aspirational Housing List, it is offered to the person who has been on the List (for that property type) longest.

You can’t be on both the Internal Housing List and the Aspirational List at the same time; if you require a bigger house, or a smaller house, or another property because of a medical condition, then you have an element of ‘housing need’ and go on the Internal Housing List; whereas you go on the Asipirational Housing List if you just want to move to another similar sized property in our area.

You can download a copy of our Aspirational Application Form by clicking here, and download a copy of our information leaflet by clicking here.  You can also get these from our Office.

Click here to access the section about allocations within our Tenants Handbook.