Joint Tenancy

You can apply to us to change your tenancy to a joint tenancy. We have a form for you to complete to become joint tenants. You can pick it up from our Office. The joint tenancy will come into effect once we grant permission in writing and you both sign the Tenancy Agreement.

Mutual Exchanges

You can exchange your house with a North View tenant or even someone who is a tenant of another social landlord. If you want to exchange your house you must write to us first and ask for our permission. We will also need information from the person that you wish to exchange with.

If you are looking for an exchange, you can advertise it in our Newsletter and on the notice board in the reception area of our Office. Contact our Housing Assistant for more information about this.

Lodgers and Sub Letting

You can sub-let your home or have lodgers, as long as you obtain our written permission before making any arrangements.

If you do sub-let or take in a lodger, you will have to pay tax on any income you make from this arrangement and any benefit payments you receive may also be affected. You – the tenant – will continue to be responsible for the tenancy and making sure the rent is paid on time. North View is not obliged to provide rehousing for lodgers or persons who are sub-letting from one of our tenants.

You should think carefully before deciding to take in a lodger or sub-letting. We would suggest that you talk it over with your Housing Officer before making a final decision.


It is possible for you to pass on the tenancy of your house to someone else – this is called assigning your tenancy – but you need to apply to us in writing and obtain our written permission to do so. You can only assign your tenancy to someone who has lived in your house as his or her principal home for at least the six months prior to the application being made.


If you apply to us in writing to exchange your house, take in a lodger, sub-let part of your home, assign your tenancy to someone else, or create a joint tenancy, we will write to you within one month of us receiving all the relevant information from you and let you know our decision. We will only refuse permission if there are reasonable grounds for us to do so, and we will write to you to let you know why we’ve refused it. If you are unhappy with our decision you can use our Complaints Procedure to complain about our decision.